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As a form of therapy, moxibustion is as old as acupuncture and utilizes the same acupuncture points. Simply put, it is a form of Traditional Chinese Heat Therapy.

Moxibustion is sometimes used to warm up an entire area of the body, such as when someone has chronic joint or muscle pain that feels better with warmth. But it can also be used to stimulate particular acupuncture points and therefore accentuate their functions in a warming way during an acupuncture treatment. Finally, for most people it just has a very soothing effect.

TCM Moxibustion in Nürnberg

Legal Disclaimer:

Like most non-western medicine treatments, traditional Chinese medicine in its various forms of therapy is not recognized by conventional medicine. It is not part of the general medical standard. Scientific evidence has not yet been sufficiently provided and the effectiveness is not sufficiently secured and recognized.