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Medical Qi Gong

Medical Qi Gong

Qigong is an umbrella term for many forms of intentional movement of Qi through breathing, sometimes in connection with externally visible movements or exercises.

There are many forms of qigong. Tai Ji Chuan is also a form of Qigong, utilizing a whole series of carefully orchestrated movements. Most forms of Qigong are practiced in silence, in a relaxed but still posture – the main focus is breathing as the ultimate source of all movement in the body.

A separate appointment for Qigong is not necessary. I often incorporate a medical form of Qigong into my treatments. For example, at the end of a foot massage, I might pause briefly while pressing key acupuncture points and try to guide the movement of qi in a way that will help my patient to ground themselves. Or I might ask the patient during moxibustion to breathe in a certain way to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Legal Disclaimer:

Like most non-western medicine treatments, traditional Chinese medicine in its various forms of therapy is not recognized by conventional medicine. It is not part of the general medical standard. Scientific evidence has not yet been sufficiently provided and the effectiveness is not sufficiently secured and recognized.