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Tongue Diagnosis

Tongue Diagnosis

The tongue always tells the truth!

Like the pulse and the stomach, the tongue mirrors the condition of the whole body. From the tip (upper body) to the root (lower body), each part of the tongue displays different organ systems. Above we see the heart and lungs; in the middle the digestive organs; the sides represent the liver and gallbladder; at the root are the kidneys.

The color of the body of the tongue and its coating as a whole speak for the health and harmony of the body substances: qi, blood and body fluids.

Whether the sublingual veins are visible or congested shows us whether and, roughly speaking, where the blood flows perhaps less than optimally.

Zungendiagnose in der TCM

Always the Truth?

OK, it’s true: the tongue doesn’t always tell the truth. Among other things, the quality of the light in the room or what you just drank or ate can affect the tongue examination. That is why I request my patients, on the day of our appointment or shortly before the appointment:

  • not to brush your tongue
  • not to drink coffee
  • not to eat berries or other potentially staining foods


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