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TCM Consultation

TCM Consultation

In the first consultation, we’ll sit together and discuss why you’ve come to me and how you’re doing in general, so that I can make a comprehensive TCM diagnosis for your issues and develop a thorough treatment plan.

I’ll ask for your health history, in so far as it is relevant to your current health issues, and we’ll discuss your symptoms, habits, and lifestyle.

Afterward I’ll perform the examinations that will enable me to discern why and how these symptoms have arisen for you. I’ll examine your pulse, your tongue, and, if appropriate, your abdomen according to TCM principles.

With the help of all these symptoms and signs, I’ll make a TCM diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. This plan will consist of acupuncture as well as other treatments that I find suitable for you in your condition: moxibustion, cupping, herbal therapy, manual therapies e.g. Tui Na or Shiatsu, etc. as appropriate.

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